Photo Contest

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Grand Prize Winner - Roxanne Schorbach


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Runner Up - Jim Anno


59b8875e6f553 Fiery Skipper   Giroux 59c7911bd2005 americancopperleaf2

Finalists - James Giroux

Finalists - Jonathan S. McElvery

59b8875e6cb5c Henrys Elfin   Giroux 59cae7e92f38d medyucca giant skipper anno  01

Finalists - James Giroux

Finalists - Jim Anno

59cef8197e70c DSC 0034FourArogosSkippersOnRaylessSunflower 59b72d4241812 Harvester NJ Aug 2017 000000

Finalists - Edward Perry IV

Finalists - Steven Glynn

59c1ca9b347e5 IMG 3873 Black Swallowtail  

People's Choice - Kristy Baker


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